Welcome to online guidance!

Personal guidance confidentially

In online guidance, you always have a real person to talk to and to help you forward. That is why access to online guidance is always sought through guidance service providers.

Guidance offers confidential support customised according to your situation

The workspace is a shared space for you and your personal guide. The chat in the workspace is text-based. The workspace can also be used for sharing documents and doing exercises proposed by the guide. Personal situations differ and the workspace is built specifically to help you. Online guidance is a goal-oriented process intended to help you get on with your life.

Strong authentication guarantees your privacy

A guidance professional sets up a workspace for you and emails an invitation to you. To use the service, you need an email address, a web browser and strong authentication tools.

Step-by-step guidance leads you towards your goals

Step-by-step guidance helps you forward and you always know what will happen next. If you wish, a written summary of everything that was done and planned during guidance is provided as a guidebook for your journey.

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The Kohtaamo project has developed nationwide web guidance by the assistance of the European Social Fund 2014-2020. The service is further developed and maintained by the KEHA Centre.



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